A.R.O.W. (Augmented Reality Oled Window)

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How can entertainment change the perception of life making it profitable?


Used as a military tool in it’s early development stage, Augmented Reality (AR) is now in use in different areas, spanning from commercial to entertainment.
AR is known for its most famouse implication in the Google Glass project.

Started as an observations of electroluminescence in organic materials in the early 1950 today the Oled is a well known multiuse screen that keeps increasing its implementation in modern technology.
Oled is widley used by brands like LG and Samsung for its devices.

A.R.O.W. (Augmented Reality Oled Window)
The mix of the Oled and the AR can lead to a new way of entertainment able to create the wow effect for the users and simultaneously become a way to monetize for the developer.

The idea is to install AROW on trains in order to give an AR experience to the passengers.

Each passenger could switch on the “arow” when needed just touching the window, gaining access to the informations needed about both the journey and the enviroment around the train.

– Info about the journey (weather/speed/next stop)
– News (TV news/local news)
– AR description of the surroundings
– Towns / Public areas / Main Buildings / Shopping Centers / Main Businesses
– Call
– Skype (using Bump app)


The appeal of the AROW is in the incredible variety of opportunity that offers in terms of entertainment and business.

Using the combination of this two technologies, the AROW can be the new way of welcoming the customers on board, giving the next generation experience that will entertain both normal passengers and business men.

The income of the project will come from product palcement in the different “areas” of the software, and the opportunity for Companies to add their links on the AR list.

Investors from the Public and Private sector will be incouraged to invest in AROW for the functional use of it.

academia.edu – market reports

“Global dedicated devices augmented reality market is expected to reach $659.98 million by 2018, whereas the immersive virtual reality market is expected to reach $407.51 million by 2018.”

(The global augmented reality market is projected to grow from $62.75 billion in 2023 to $1,109.71 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 50.7% during forecast period. –> From https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/)

The other driving force for virtual reality and augmented reality technology is the consumer demand in e-commerce industry. The technology used in augmented reality applications, i.e. marker-less is at the apex and is expected to grow rapidly. Major driving factor in this marker-less issues of GPS and compass which are used commonly in smartphones.
The technology used in virtual reality application, sensors used, the emerging trends like goggles, contact lens, and further opportunities.
North America and Europe is the market leader in the overall augmented and virtual reality market; followed by APAC. In ROW, the Middle East, and Africa are coming up with this technology because of its benefits in wide range of applications.

The major companies included which offer AR & VR technology in various applications are Total immersion (France),Qualcomm Inc (U.S.), Metaio GmBH (Germany), Vuzix Corporation (U.S.), Layar B.V (The Netherlands), Wikitude GmBH(Austria)”.


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